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Jothi Dugar is a multidimensional executive, business owner, author, international public speaker, and entrepreneur, whose diverse career has included senior leadership roles in Cybersecurity, IT, Project management, Training, and Engineering. A pioneer in her field, and one of the few leading women across the globe in the Healthcare Cyber Industry, she is the Chief Information Security Officer for Information Technology, at the National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director, located in Bethesda, MD. Her passion is to empower women and young girls in life to pursue technical & leadership jobs and break the glass ceiling.

Jothi is also the Director of a Dance School in Virginia called BollyNatyam Masala, where young girls and boys are taught to express themselves through the performing arts while giving back to community and helping those in need.

She also owns a holistic healing practice called, The Power of Healing 360 that helps people learn about and heal themselves naturally minimizing the need for conventional medicine and invasive treatments. Jothi is a dedicated wife and mother of three. She has two much anticipated new books coming out in 2019 called Women Underrated - Breaking through the smog to find your light, and Operation Cyber Wellness.